Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Study shows you can pair protein with psyllium fibre and reduce hunger

A recently published paper by Dr. Leila J. Karhunen, and colleagues at the Food and Health Research Centre, Department of Clinical Nutrition, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, University of Eastern Finland found that a diet which is high in both soy protein and soluble fiber from psyllium helped reduce glucose and insulin spikes after consumption.

Though this research was performed using soy protein, we speculate that similar or better results would be had with whey protein as well, since it is a nutritionally valuable protein source. This reduction in the spikes after the consumption of the meal would be useful in maintaining a relative energy balance after eating rather than the typical intense energy spike followed by the sudden drop. The data from this study showed a much less dramatic rise and fall in insulin post consumption vs a high glycaemic food such as white wheat bread or the low fiber diets, regardless of the protein levels consumed.

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Karhunen et al., 2010. A Psyllium Fiber-Enriched Meal Strongly Attenuates Postprandial Gastrointestinal Peptide Release in Healthy Young Adults. J. Nutr. 140: 737-744.


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